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I want you to know just how pleased I am with my bedrooms, sun room, and living room window treatments. You do very quality work and I just love them! You are talented, quite an entrepreneur and just one of the good people.  It was a treat to work with you!

Thank you,

Sandy, Lititz


Hello Betsy,

Now that we've had over a month to live with our new bedroom accoutrements, I thought you might like to receive some feedback on how we are getting along.

Actually, it's going quite well.  Whenever I enter the bedroom, the white petals of both the bedspread and window dressings pop a cheerful salute.  The touch of a variety of other colors incorporated into the overall design allow for a wide selection of accent accessories.  The window treatments have softened the room while the elegance of the draping lends just a touch of formality to the space.

We appreciate the craftsmanship and skill that went into creating each piece.

Elaine and Joe, Palmyra.


Betsy Adams is the Best! Working with Betsy is a sheer joy. Everything from start to finish was fun, perfect and stress free!!! Betsy has a fabulous selection of fabrics and great design ideas. My window treatments and pillows are gorgeous. They were made and installed with great care.

My kids both said, "Great window treatments for any room. They make Mom so happy."

All the best, Elaine M. Hummelstown

Doing business with Betsy for the first time was an absolutely delightful experience!!

In the past when the time came for new draperies and blinds, I procrastinated and dreaded the task at hand. Decisions, decisions, decisions - choosing fabrics, measuring, worrying about how they would fit into the room, would they clash, would they hang neatly, etc. I second guessed every hard decision and actually lost sleep worrying!!

Betsy changed all of that!! She arrived at my home, friendly and exuding self-confidence. I picked up on that and relaxed allowing her to lead the way. She offered fabric suggestions while encouraging me to make the final, all important decisions. That done, the horrid measuring remained. She, very competently, went about that task with ease, and, before I knew it, all was done!! No anxiety, no stress involved.

When the draperies and blinds were finished, Betsy called and we agreed on a date and time for installation. Nothing could have been easier!! She did the work, and we chatted about things we had in common. The drapes and blinds look perfect, and the workmanship is second to none.

I had no problem adjusting to them because they appeared to be part of the room immediately.

What a positive experience!! Betsy is extremely competent, helpful, kind and a perfectionist to boot. I look forward to working with her again and again and would recommend her to all of my friends and relatives without hesitation!!

Betsy changed redecorating from difficult to a fun, stress free, positive experience!! Thank you Betsy!

One thrilled customer, Judy W. Dauphin

Betsy Adams met with my 75 year old mother who had moved to a new home and needed help with picking colors, textures, and a style for valances in a sun room.  Betsy was so patient with her and listened carefully to my mom in order to understand what she wanted.  Her creativity and insight were responsible for delivering the most beautiful valances to my mother’s sunroom, along with pillows and a rocker seat cushion. Mom felt that Betsy was not just a talented seamstress, but also kind friend who she enjoyed meeting and working with.

Betsy M. Hummelstown

Betsy was recommended to me by one of my friends. She explained how Betsy will come to your home with her samples and expertise to work with you. My husband and I were very pleased with her knowledge about the drapes, pillows and blinds. We looked over her books filled with the beautiful pictures from the jobs she completed and we were impressed. She gave our living room a new exciting look. The installation was seamless, so smooth. We really enjoyed doing business with all her attributes and talents.

Judy S. Dauphin

Betsy has helped me decorate for over 15 years. It is always a pleasure to work with her. Her service to clients and the quality of her finished product is outstanding.

She has encouraged me in developing my own decorating taste and has been a wonderful teacher in the process.

Dee J. Hummelstown

For about two years I was looking for window treatments for our north facing patio room full of windows.  The sun is very strong in the afternoons, which causes the heat to rise significantly and the glare from the light made TV viewing impossible before dark.  I discussed the options of vertical blinds, draperies, and roller shades with Betsy several times and looked through her samples.  I did not want to sacrifice the view all these windows afford us, with window treatments that blocked the glass.  So the best choice was roller shades with a degree of transparency.  The fabric is also a perfect color match to the window frames (I spray painted the hardware to match in advance of installation.)  I am very pleased with the result.  The installation took only about an hour. They fit perfectly and look great.  When the blinds are rolled up they are practically unnoticeable.  When the blinds are down, we can still see what is outside.  They provide shade from the western sun and reduce the heat in the afternoons.  The glare is eliminated for TV viewing at any time of the day.  And in the winter they provide an added shield from the cold when sitting next to the windows.  The price was very reasonable for three walls of windows totaling 68 feet.

Holly S Grantville, PA

Dear Betsy,

Well, our friendship began when we invited you into our new home a few years ago to talk about window treatments.

We cannot say enough good things about what a great experience it is to work with you!  As you know, we have a lot of windows on the back of our home and it was important for us to have something that would not interfere with our outdoor view.  We appreciate so much your expert advice during the selection process. We love the cellular shades.  They are easy to use with perfect sizes on every window, and they blend beautifully with the woodwork.  They are virtually unnoticed when open.  We estimate our cost for these shades was completely recovered in one year's time because we saved so much money on heat and air conditioning costs.  Our valances and mini blinds on the front of the house are perfect, too.  You're the best!

Walt and Debra Dillsburg

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